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Out & About: the Flower Piano at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

Out & About: the Flower Piano at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

July 04, 2018 / Beth Ryan / Out & About

Happy Independence Day to all! With summer fully underway, the Flower Piano at the San Francisco Botanical Garden is back in action from July 5-16th. In a nutshell, parents: you MUST go. This is the absolute kid-friendliest of the kid-friendly events here in the city. Our own Beth Ryan has... read more

Out & About: Secret Spots and Hidden Gems in Golden Gate Park

Out & About: Secret Spots and Hidden Gems in Golden Gate Park

July 02, 2018 / Out & About

As a San Francisco parent, you probably think you’ve seen and done everything that could be remotely interesting to a kid in Golden Gate Park. Think again! Check out Shaheen Bilgrami's recommendations for lesser-known places to visit and things to see in the park this summer, ranging from the ‘hidde... read more

Out & About Lil' Kid: The Cable Cars

Out & About Lil' Kid: The Cable Cars

June 29, 2018 / Out & About

With a holiday week upon us, why let the tourists have all the fun? San Francisco’s three cable car lines have serious kid appeal: steep hills, noisy clanging, and a thrilling lack of seatbelts. If you've been waiting to take the kids on board, check out Stephanie AuWerter's tips for... read more

Out & About: Adventure Parks

Out & About: Adventure Parks

June 24, 2018 / Out & About

Summer has officially arrived, and a family adventure is the perfect way to truly embrace the season. Check out Shaheen Bilgrami's selection of both well-known and under-the-radar Bay Area parks and play spaces to liven up your week (or weekend)! read more

Out & About: Transportation Museums

Out & About: Transportation Museums

June 20, 2018 / Out & About

Have a kid who's always focused on the journey? Indulge your transportation-obsessed little one with a visit to an entire museum dedicated to getting around. Megan Bushnell shares some top picks, most of which are free to explore! read more

Out & About Lil' Kid: Noe Valley

Out & About Lil' Kid: Noe Valley

June 15, 2018 / Out & About

Looking for some summer sun? Head to Noe Valley. Thanks to Twin Peaks, which blocks much of the fog rolling in from the ocean, Noe’s mostly flat 24th Street (between Church and Douglass streets) is typically sunny, even when the weather's gloomy elsewhere, and ideal for a walk with a l... read more

Out & About: Escape from San Francisco

Out & About: Escape from San Francisco

June 13, 2018 / Out & About

Summer breaks call for breaking out of our city's borders and enjoying all the Bay Area has to offer. Shaheen Bilgrami has your plans squared away with these 12 road trips, all within an easy drive of SF. Grab your keys or book that Zipcar and get outta town! read more

Out & About Lil' Kid: NOPA

Out & About Lil' Kid: NOPA

June 08, 2018 / Out & About

Another week of beautiful weather is upon us, bringing with it another chance to get out and explore a neighborhood across town or right next door! Some of us may think of NOPA as more of a grownup's playground, but Bobby Shukla has some leads on making the most of... read more

Out & About: Factory Fun

Out & About: Factory Fun

June 06, 2018 / Out & About

Got a kid who loves knowing how stuff is made? Check out Stephanie AuWerter's list of local tours and share a more enjoyable experience than searching for answers on Google.  read more

Out & About Lil’ Kid: Outer Sunset

Out & About Lil’ Kid: Outer Sunset

June 01, 2018 / Out & About

We're in for a beautiful summer weekend in San Francisco, and a perfect opportunity to round up the family for a day of exploring the Outer Sunset. Whether you've got a sweet tooth to feed or a shell collection that needs work, Suzanne Barnecut has some helpful tips for how... read more