Member Money Saving Perks

GGMG partners with local companies to bring our members exclusive deals. When required, proof of GGMG membership can be offered by either logging into on your smartphone or by showing a recent copy of the GGMG magazine with your name and address.

If you are a business owner seeking to work with GGMG, please see our GGMG Partnership Programs

For any additional information, contact GGMG Partnerships.

Neighbors of GGMG

Neighbors of GGMG offer promotions from various partners to all GGMG members on a monthly basis. Promotions are for a limited-time only and can be found in all-member email bulletin every month. Be sure to save those emails to save from our Neighbor partners!

Friends of GGMG

Friends of GGMG offer substantial, ongoing benefits - such as discounts - to all GGMG members. They also sponsor GGMG events, and otherwise support our community. 

GGMG members can see details of benefits, and retrieve benefit redemption instructions (such as discount codes where applicable) in the Members-Only area within the website. 

A list of current Friends of GGMG is available to the public here

Partners of GGMG

Partners of GGMG offer strategic benefits to all GGMG members on an annual contractual basis, as well as additional benefits to GGMG volunteers. 

Our current Partners of GGMG are listed below:

Jewish Community Center of San Francisco (JCCSF)

  • 3200 California Street
    San Francisco, CA 94118
  • 415-292-1200
  • Term: March 1, 2016 - July 1, 2017
GGMG Member Benefits
  • For all GGMG members, once a year:
    • One free three-pass card to the KinderFunKlub program
    • 10% off camp
    • 2 single-day passes to the JCCSF fitness facility (must be used within 6 months of receipt)
    • One-time 50% discount off of first three months of group swim lessons, when enrolling at JCCSF Swim School
  • For all GGMG members, unrestricted:
    • Opportunity to register for GGMG-exclusive classes at KinderGym (two per year)
    • 50% off preschool and afterschool application fees
    • 1 GGMG-exclusive preschool tour at each location
    • 40% discount on JSSCF classes that remain open after registration (also published on GGMG members-only site)
    • $100 off registration fee for new Fitness Center memberships
    • $40 card towards childcare services for new Fitness Center members
    • Zero additional registration fee to upgrade from an Individual to a Family Fitness membership
GGMG Volunteer Benefits
  • One additional three-pass card to KinderFunKlub

Peekadoodle Kids Club (PKC)

GGMG Member Benefits
  • For all GGMG members:
    • Complimentary access to Peekadoodle playspace every Thursday 2-4pm
    • Complimentary access to playspace first Saturday of every month, 9 - 11am
    • $100 off any exclusive party package
  • For GGMG members who have previously used the Peekadoodle trial membership
    • $25 PKC member rate for day passes
  • For GGMG members who are new to Peekadoodle
    • Complimentary 2 month membership to the Kidsclub per family
    • 8 weeks of any 45-60 minute enrichment class, one child per family 
    • Waived initiation fee for those choosing to join PKC immediately after trial period
GGMG Volunteer Benefits
  • Reduced Peekadoodle membership fee ($50) for 12 months.

Recess Urban Recreation (RECESS)

GGMG Member Benefits
  • For all GGMG members:
    • Newborn Membership – Free membership for new moms and babies upto 6 months.
    • Complimentary access to Recess playspace every Thursday 1-3pm
    • Complimentary access to Recess playspace last Sunday of every month, 9 - 11am
    • GGMG rate on playspace day passes, 20% off regular rate (regular rate is $30 for all-day, $15-30 for afternoon/weekend)
    • $5 off parent workshops, where available (check GGMG magazine or Recess front desk for availability)
    • GGMG rate on Recess membership: If you have used Recess trial membership in the past, get 50% off first month of a monthly membership or 5% off an annual membership
  • For GGMG members who are new to Recess (limited numer available)
    • Complimentary 1 month access to playspace, with unlimited participation in daily enrichment activities
    • If purchasing a Recess membership immediately after trial, registration fee is waived in addition to the GGMG rate (as above) on Recess membership
GGMG Volunteer Benefits
  • Complimentary 2 month access to playspace per child, including participation in daily enrichment activities
  • $99/month membership with a 4 month minimum
  • $50 off any party package


GGMG Member Benefits
  • All GGMG members receive 35% off Urbansitter fees (does not include babysitting fee)
  • GGMG Members new to Urbansitter receive $50 credit towards fees
  • To redeem, visit:
GGMG Volunteer Benefits