Reclaiming the Pump

Reclaiming the Pump

October 04, 2017 / News & Innovations

We live in a hub of technological innovation. Our kids spot self-driving cars on city streets with increasing regularity. There’s an ongoing debate about whether robots should be allowed to deliver our food. And yet, breast pumps haven’t changed significantly since their invention . . . over 60 years ago. I remember foll... read more

Podcasts for Kids: How to Achieve 20 Minutes of Peace in the Car

Podcasts for Kids: How to Achieve 20 Minutes of Peace in the Car

October 02, 2017 / Tips & Tricks

My kids are 3, 6, and 8 and their feelings about long drives range from “I have a number of very specific questions about the scenery” to “these car seat straps are the source of all unhappiness in the world.” With school commutes in full swing, weekend trips to the pumpkin patch on the hori... read more

How to Stop Settling and Start Growing

How to Stop Settling and Start Growing

October 01, 2017 / Expert Interviews

Ask the Expert: Personal Growth with Julie Santiago, Life Coach Julie Santiago is a former Wall Street trader turned transformational life coach and inspirational speaker. She helps women who are at a crossroads bring more balance, purpose, and meaning to their busy lives. What are the most common transformations you... read more