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GGMG’s 3500+ members consist of working moms, stay-at-home moms, and moms-to-be. We all have one goal in common: to provide our families with the best of the Bay Area. You are invited to offer your goods and services to our members through the Member Perks Programs listed below.



Messages exchanged each day.

Household Income


Earned by 65% of our members.



College educated (58% graduate degrees).



60% one child. 35% two or more.

Age Range

30s & 40s

70% in 30s. 20% in 40s.

Member Perks Programs

We have designed these programs with the goal of maximizing benefits for our members as well as for our partners. Whether you’d like to offer GGMG members a one-time promotional offer, or work with us on an annual and ongoing basis, we’d love to partner with you. We offer two options:

Option 1: Friends of GGMG

If you would like to offer substantial promotions or discounts on either a limited-time or ongoing basis to our members, sign up through the Friends of GGMG Program. Friends of GGMG may also sign up to sponsor GGMG events, provide free product or giveaways and otherwise support our community.

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Unique Access to Our Members

By signing up to be part of our Friends Program, you will gain access to the following:

  • Monthly Member Perks email reaching 3500+ members!
  • Offer listed on GGMG members' only website
  • Receive periodic information from GGMG for additional opportunities to showcase your brand (for annual partners only)
  • Gain early access to sponsorship opportunities at GGMG events (for annual partners only)

Apply Today

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Provide a Qualifying Offer

Acceptance to the Friends Program is based on providing a “qualifying offer” to our memebers. Qualifying offers include:

  • Single use coupons, one-time purchase discounts or annual ongoing discounts
  • Discounts must included specific and up-front percentage or dollar amount off and should be significant (e.g. a minimum of 20% off)
  • Offers must not be available to the general public (i.e. GGMG specific discount)
  • Free product or giveaway
  • Benefits must be available to all GGMG members equally and must not be conditional in any way (e.g. no minimum purchase or prepay requirements)
  • Offer must include methods to redeem (e.g. promotion code) and how to redeem (website, phone, etc.)
  • Offer must include duration of offer and when it will expire

Apply Today

Sign Up for Friends of GGMG

Once submitted, your form will be reviewed by the GGMG Partnerships team. For qualifying sponsors, please allow at least 3 weeks to be published on the GGMG website and included in our monthly Member Perks email. If you do not receive a notification from us that your offer was accepted, please either resubmit your offer or understand your offer was rejected as it may have been incomplete or did not meet our qualification requirements.

Apply Today Your participation does not automatically renew at the end of each 12 month period; you must sign up again to be included each year.
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Option 2: Partners of GGMG

The Partners of GGMG Program is an invitation-only program for select organizations. These relationships are sourced by the GGMG Partnerships team based on our needs and potential benefit to our members.