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Friday: The Silence Breaker Edition

Friday: The Silence Breaker Edition

December 08, 2017 / Elisabeth Thurston Fraser / Lifestyle

Is anyone else experiencing a bit of whiplash alternating between attending preschool winter concerts and watching the latest sexual harassment scandals unfold? While I’ve spent much of this year feeling sick to my stomach, the latest headlines give me hope my daughters and son may come of age in a... read more

Extra TGIF

Extra TGIF

November 03, 2017 / Elisabeth Thurston Fraser / Out & About

Never is the phrase TGIF truer than on the Friday following a midweek holiday. With rain on the agenda this weekend, we've all earned a cozy day of apple cider and Harry Potter movies (Judging by the number of Harry Potter-themed costumes I saw on Tuesday, we're not the only... read more