Friday: The Silence Breaker Edition

Is anyone else experiencing a bit of whiplash alternating between attending preschool winter concerts and watching the latest sexual harassment scandals unfold? While I’ve spent much of this year feeling sick to my stomach, the latest headlines give me hope my daughters and son may come of age in a more equitable society (at a bare minimum, I’m optimistic my daughters won’t get groped at work). I hope they watch a clip of the women of SNL singing Welcome to Hell or catch a glimpse of the 2017 person of the year cover and marvel at how far our country has come. When they do, we’ll all have the Silence Breakers to thank. Thank you.

Here are some links to kick off your weekend.

To Read

When women design clothes for women: “this is a world that has resuscitated the mom jean and mock turtleneck, and made a lasting, credible case for the caftan”

How to avoid the too many gifts at Christmas trap (the comments are gold)

Because you don't want your kids' toys to spy on them

How to make a career change at any age

Everybody wins when we make fun inclusive

Your kid is obsessed: why intense interests can be a confidence booster

To Do

Practice table manners before all the holiday meals at these 20 child-friendly San Francisco restaurants

Eat the best chocolate in SF while supporting the SF-Marin Food Bank? Yes, please

Take squirmy little ones to a Nutcracker made for those too young to sit for 2.5 hours

Occupy your little artists (and then introduce them to your favorite pieces)

Support local independent makers and designers with your holiday shopping—you had me at leather painting and Del Popolo


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