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Dressing while Expecting in San Francisco: One Skirt, Three Ways

Dressing while Expecting in San Francisco: One Skirt, Three Ways

April 17, 2019 / Amanda W. Rabideau / Lifestyle Moms in the City Style

It looks like the rain has finally passed, and the brief San Francisco springtime is here.  I love to take advantage of this time, when I don't have to layer up a tee, cardigan, leather jacket, and scarf every time I leave the house.   For those of us who are exp... read more

Friday: The Fresh Start Edition

Friday: The Fresh Start Edition

January 05, 2018 / Elisabeth Thurston Fraser / Lifestyle

Who else is ready for school and childcare schedules to get back to normal? I know I am. Here we are almost a week into 2018 and I haven’t even finalized my intentions for the year, let alone started acting on them. That’s why I’m declaring the first week o... read more

Friday: The Silence Breaker Edition

Friday: The Silence Breaker Edition

December 08, 2017 / Elisabeth Thurston Fraser / Lifestyle

Is anyone else experiencing a bit of whiplash alternating between attending preschool winter concerts and watching the latest sexual harassment scandals unfold? While I’ve spent much of this year feeling sick to my stomach, the latest headlines give me hope my daughters and son may come of age in a... read more

Friday: The I Want a Wife Edition

Friday: The I Want a Wife Edition

December 01, 2017 / Elisabeth Thurston Fraser / Lifestyle

Did anyone else wake up this morning, realize it’s December 1, and panic that you haven’t prepared a Pinterest-worthy advent calendar? I’m consoling myself with the fact that every child I’ve ever met is delighted with the $.99 chocolate calendars from Trader Joe’s.   While I plan to make a Trade... read more

Friday: The How-to Edition

Friday: The How-to Edition

November 10, 2017 / Elisabeth Thurston Fraser / Lifestyle

It's the weekend! Normally, a rainy start would be disappointing, but in this case, it's novel. After marveling at the wet street and dog walkers carrying umbrellas for a few minutes, my three-year-old asked to go outside and touch the water as if she'd never seen rain before. May your... read more

Friendsgiving is the Answer to Everything

Friendsgiving is the Answer to Everything

November 01, 2017 / Elisabeth Thurston Fraser / Lifestyle

While I may have three enthusiastic celebrators of National Doughnut Day (coming up on November 5) living in my house, the best recently-invented holiday has to be Friendsgiving. What's not to love? You gather with your chosen friends and family (not a conspiracy theorist uncle or judgey second cousin to be see... read more

Making City Life Easier for Families (One Post at a Time)

Making City Life Easier for Families (One Post at a Time)

October 23, 2017 / Elisabeth Thurston Fraser / Lifestyle

GGMG’s mission has always been to support, connect, and improve the lives of growing families in San Francisco. We hope this blog helps make the city friendlier and easier to navigate for all the families who live here and those who visit. Upcoming features include surviving the SFUSD school lo... read more