Friendsgiving is the Answer to Everything

Friendsgiving is the Answer to Everything

While I may have three enthusiastic celebrators of National Doughnut Day (coming up on November 5) living in my house, the best recently-invented holiday has to be Friendsgiving. What's not to love? You gather with your chosen friends and family (not a conspiracy theorist uncle or judgey second cousin to be seen) to eat the most delicious food of the year while reflecting on your gratitude. The best part is that aside from those basic ingredients, your Friendsgiving can be perfectly suited to you and your crew.

Are you foodies? Use Friendsgiving to experiment with dishes that wouldn't pass muster on a traditional Thanksgiving menu. Smashed sweet potato tacosTurkey chiliPumpkin coconut panna cotta? Sure, it's Friendsgiving!

Is dinner just a formality to be endured while dessert warms? Make it about pies. All pies.

Are you looking to give back or teach your kids about charity? Host a Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry and enjoy your meal even more knowing the funds you raised will feed kids in need.

Do you all need a good laugh? Eat a non-traditional menu of foods perfectly paired with every Thanksgiving episode of Friends (maybe your youngest guests can enjoy a Daniel Tiger marathon). You remember the one with Chandler in a box, right? Well, it's extra funny while eating Monica's sour cream and chives mashed potatoes.

Are you hoping to chat with new family friends while someone else cooks the meal? Sign up for the first GGMG Friendsgiving dinner! For only $5 per person, your whole family can enjoy a festive meal at Imagination Playhouse, complete with food, drinks, and all the activities your kids could ever need to burn off steam in between bites. If you're not already a GGMG member, sign up here. We'd love to meet you at Friendsgiving or any of the hundreds of other events GGMG sponsors each year.


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