Friday: The I Want a Wife Edition

Did anyone else wake up this morning, realize it’s December 1, and panic that you haven’t prepared a Pinterest-worthy advent calendar? I’m consoling myself with the fact that every child I’ve ever met is delighted with the $.99 chocolate calendars from Trader Joe’s.  

While I plan to make a Trader Joe’s run this afternoon, I’m also excited to try something a little different in the spirit of our family’s gratitude challenge. Tonight, my husband and I plan to spend the evening writing down little things we love about each of our kids so they can close out 2017 with a daily message of love and appreciation from us.

The benefits to our kids are obvious, but I’m counting on some feel-good feelings of my own. You know those afternoons when you’re exhausted and your baby is cranky, but then she falls asleep in your arms and all you think is “awwwww?” I’m hoping this will be the toddler through 8-year-old version of that. Whenever the inevitable wild-eyed candy cane madness strikes, I can read a few gratitude notes and find my patience. At least that’s the plan.


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