Making City Life Easier for Families (One Post at a Time)

Making City Life Easier for Families (One Post at a Time)
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Welcome to the Golden Gate Mothers Group Blog!

When I moved back to San Francisco after 9 years in New York, my grandparents on both sides were concerned. “We were thrilled to get out of the city when our kids were young. Why there?” they asked. I joked about the importance of delivery, but the truth is, I love this city.

Although I grew up on the Peninsula, some of my fondest childhood memories took place in San Francisco—tagging along to my dad’s office on the Embarcadero, dressing up in my holiday finest to see the Nutcracker every year, hanging out on Haight Street with my friends as a teenager (No, we weren’t nearly as cool as we thought we were), and hiking around the Sutro Baths while my grandma told barely-believable stories of their prior glory during her childhood.

Despite what we see on Instagram, we know city life isn't all scenic backdrops and magical childhood traditions. There’s no denying this can be a difficult place to raise a family. It’s exorbitantly expensive. There’s a smaller percentage of children here than in any other major U.S. city. The school lottery process is, shall we say, complicated. And then there are all the goodbyes as friends move across bridges to sunnier climates.

But we stay.

To all of you making sacrifices to live here, I have one request: please don’t go; we’d miss you.

GGMG’s mission has always been to support, connect, and improve the lives of growing families in San Francisco. We hope this blog helps make the city friendlier and easier to navigate for all the families who live here and those who visit.

Upcoming features include surviving the SFUSD school lottery from parents who’ve done it, career stories from incredible San Francisco mothers, and mindfulness techniques to help your family find sanity and joy when you don’t feel that way at all.

If you have ideas or, better yet, want to contribute, send a note to!

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