Mom Recs: Lands End Labyrinth Hike

Mom Recs: Lands End Labyrinth Hike

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I like it because the ocean makes everything better. On this hike, I get lots of ocean. The path is challenging enough that I feel accomplished—there are a lot of stairs— but it isn’t totally treacherous. 

They (my 4 and 6 yo) like it because it feels like a wild adventure, with an awesome maze at the end. 

Parking is gloriously easy on a weekday, and doable on a weekend. There is a whole lot, with overflow across the street. The 38 bus stops a block away, at Geary and 48th

 Bathrooms at the visitor center are clean. The coffee shop offers free refills all day, and makes their own sandwiches. 

Some Do's and Don'ts

  • Don’t go by yourself with a toddler who runs off; there are cliffs! 
  • Do bring your carrier if you still have a little one. It is perfect for a hike with a napping baby, if you can handle steps. 
  • Don’t bring a 3 yo whose bones liquefy when it is time to climb stairs.  
  • Do check weather alerts for swells and high tides. 
  • Don't bring a stroller, they won't work on the hike down to the labyrinth. Though a sturdy one will be fine on the smooth dirt path through a large portion of the park. 




Milerockbeach How to get to the Labyrinth? Take the trail past both scenic bridge views--it will start to get slightly rougher. You'll go up and down a few dirt hills, and then come to stairs on your left. Follow the sign for "Mile Rock Beach," taking the stairs all the way down to the beach, then turning right. Note that the maze is on a pretty high cliff (pictures are deceiving) warn your children to be careful!


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