Friends of GGMG

Friends of GGMG offer substantial, ongoing benefits - such as discounts - to all GGMG members. They also sponsor GGMG events, and otherwise support our community.

GGMG members can see details of benefits, and retrieve benefit redemption instructions (such as discount codes where applicable) in the Members-Only area within the website. Look for "Friends of GGMG Benefits" tag in the files section.

Current Friends of GGMG

Adult Activities & Classes

I have a solo law practice in estate planning. My focus is on families with young children. Every family needs an estate plan. I can work with families to ""create"" an estate to provide for their children.

I charge $3000 for an estate plan, but for GGMG members I will charge $2500 for pour over wills, a revocable trust, powers of attorney, advance health care directives and a guardianship designation.

A family can redeem my offer by providing proof that they are a member of GGMG.

Barsotti & Purcell, LLP


100 Pine Street, Suite 1250
San Francisco, CA 94111

Barsotti & Purcell, LLP provides personalized solutions to your Estate Planning, Business Planning, and Real Estate Law needs. We are two mothers who recognize how integral our services can be for parents who need to put planning in place for children or mothers's looking to start a new business or non-profit. We offer a 20% discount to GGMG Members. To redeem please tell us you are a GGMG Member when you contact us.

Attractions & Entertainment

MomAboard offers traveling parents complete and custom trip itineraries built by local moms so you get the best insider information from a parent's perspective. We also provide a relocation service where we pair moving families with resident moms.

GGMG members get 25% off any service with MomAboard. Use code GGMG when prompted.

CDC Limos


We are a family friendly car service offering transportation to and from any Bay Area airport. We can provide car seats for children of any age. GGMG members will get a discounted rate of $55 for a sedan. Regular rate is $65. $80 for an SUV. Regular rate is $95 Just mention GGMG to receive the discount.

Local small transportation services who provide safe rides to the airports carrying car sets for families who have kids.Family and business transportation with reasonable rates just like taxis but we specialize putting
CAR SEATS for the safe of your loves ones. Most of the rides from SF to SFO cost $60 (no charge for the car seat)but we are glad to offer 15% discount for all the GGMG members. All permits active.
Please contact us at 415-305-0819
TCP 23463

Beauty & Wellness

15% off for GGMG members with coupon code GGMG_15OFF

Native deodorant is the best natural deodorant that was founded and operated in San Francisco. Don't just take our word for it we have over 2,000 5 star reviews! it is natural (SAFE), aluminum free, and paraben free.

We never test on animals, except humans. Deodorant is applied daily on a sensitive area of your body. Make sure you understand what’s in your deodorant!

Native Deodorant actively protects against odors for 24 hours, so you can remain active and confident all day long.

Lavish Life curates amazing, luxurious, and effective natural skincare, all in one place. Our products will transform you. We believe in long term healthy beauty and wellness rather than short term gains through chemicals.

We do the homework for you, so you don't have to. All of the skincare we carry has been rigorously screened to be free of harmful chemicals, carcinogens, synthetic dyes and perfumes.

Members of GGMG benefit from an exclusive 15% off discount on all products on our site, plus free shipping on orders over $75. Simply enter code LAVISHMOM at checkout.

Welcome to the homeopathic practice of Meeta Vishnu in the inner sunset, in San Francisco. Homeopathy is holistic and alternative medicine which originated in Germany, using remedies which are gentle, safe, natural, and effective.

I treat children who are teething, or with growing pains, allergies, acne, pubertal problems, migraines, repeated sore throats, ear infections, milestone delay etc.

Adults are treated for both acute (fever, trauma, GI upsets, URIs etc.) and chronic (migraines, acne, asthma, depression, insomnia, loss of hair, menopausal symptoms etc.) conditions.

Other services include group sessions on homeopathic flu management, trauma management, womens’ health, travel kits. These group sessions can take place at homes, libraries, or even during playdates. I encourage parents to organize a short 30 minute session when they are in groups.

The first appointment is typically about 1 - 1.5 hours long and the fee is $125.00. GGMG members will be given a discounted rate of $100.00 when they use the code GGMGMEMBER1 at the time of booking an appointment.

All appointments for acute conditions (UTIs, colds, fevers, trauma) are typically $ 65 and will be seen for $50 with the use of the code GGMGMEMBER2.

Group sessions are typically $20.00 per attendee and include a homeopathic take home remedy kit. GGMG members will receive a discounted rate of $10.00 per adult attendee along with the kit, with the use of the code GGMGMEMBER3 at the time of booking.

Getzwell Pediatrics


There’s really nothing quite like being a parent and we know there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to provide your kids the very best life possible. Progressive pediatric care is a vital component of a healthy childhood.

San Francisco parents want a pediatric practice with board certified pediatricians who celebrate your child’s uniqueness and understand ALL of the factors that contribute to your child’s well being. You want 24/7 access to doctors who partner with you in raising healthy, happy children.

GetzWell Pediatrics, San Francisco’s premier primary care pediatric practice, now with two convenient locations providing truly holistic cutting edge care: Cow Hollow and Noe Valley. We serve families throughout the Bay Area and love seeing new patients.

Not all San Francisco pediatricians are created equal. Many families are trapped in a frustrating cycle of symptom diagnosis and prescription medication, never having the underlying causes of illness addressed in order to achieve lasting wellness.

GetzWell Pediatrics believes in considering the whole child in their unique environment. We take a broad and nuanced view of health, acknowledging the emotional, social, environmental and physical contributions. We believe in stimulating the innate vitality and healing capacity of the human body.

GGMG members will received 20% annual membership. Come meet us and experience the difference.

I offer GGMG members $25 off each session.
As a certified life and spiritual coach, I work with women to gain clarity and confidence as they navigate their unique motherhood paths. I support pregnant women, new moms, moms with older children, and women dealing with fertility issues and approach each client with kindness and compassion.
I meet with clients in my office or via video phone. I also offer a unique ""Home Is Where The Heart Is"" service and will meet at the location of your choice -- home while the baby is napping or playing, the playground, your office, wherever you prefer.
To redeem this offer, mention GGMG-0617

Replace harsh and harmful products with monthly deliveries of baby-safe goodies for pregnant moms and new parents. Get 15% OFF your first bundle with the code GGMGFriends15

Kerner Chiropractic


3106 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

For over 23 years, Dr. Brian Kerner has provided chiropractic care for adults and children. Dr. Kerner specializes in the cause, prevention, and treatment of nerve, muscle, and joint conditions. Some conditions he treats include back and neck pain, headaches, whiplash, sprains/strains, pinched nerves, disc problems, and poor posture. X-ray services are located onsite, if needed. All GGMG members will receive 20% Off Custom Orthotics. Please mention that you are a GGMG member.

Childcare & Education

Hygeia is a California based company that manufactures and sells high quality breast pumps. Our award-winning pumps are hospital grade performing, cordless, closed system, lightweight, and BPA and DEHP free. Most moms can receive our pumps 100% covered by insurance. But for those who are not covered, we are offering a 45% discount off of the cash price. To order your breast pump (whether with insurance or cash), just call Hygeia at 855-786-7296. Tell our customer service team you would like to order one of our breast pumps. Use the code "Sales Person ID 19937."

We are offering monthly workshops to play with our 3-D math video game, Super Math World. Kids absolutely love our game and it's especially effective for kids with math anxiety or aversion, and also for advanced learners who want to explore mathematics deeper.

Not only can they play our game, they can also create their own challenging math game using our tool!

GGMG can get into this event for FREE by entering GGMG coupon code. It's located in SoMa on Saturday, the next event is Saturday Sep 24th.

Bay Area Sitters is a local, babysitting & nanny agency that connects skilled and dedicated professionals with families looking for quality child care. All of our sitters & nannies are screened and background checked through TrustLine. We have a dedicated team that make the process of hiring a nanny seamless and stress-free. We are excited at the opportunity to partner with GGMG and are happy to offer GGMG members a discounted on-call, babysitting booking fee of $12 (regularly $14.50). Additionally, we would like to offer GGMG members, looking for Full Time or Part Time support, a discounted registration fee of $200 (regularly $250). For more information on Bay Area Sitters please visit Discount code BASGGMG16

I am a certified Newborn Specialist and Sleep Consultant, dedicated to supporting parents and helping interpret babies' coos and cues from their earliest days. I work with families to encourage and establish healthy sleeping and eating habits in their newborns and as they grow.

I am offering 15% off my services to all GGMG members. Please redeem this offer by contacting me through my website, and including the coupon code SLEEP in the subject line.

Bay Super Nannies


GGMG members can receive 20% discount off of the placement fee for a full time, long term nanny! Redeem this offering by mentioning it.

Dining & Food

Handcrafted, local, organic food for babies, toddlers, kiddies & mommas delivered to your doorstep.

15% off order with promo code ggmg15 when order is placed on the Flourish Foods website.

Luke's Local is all about helping busy people eat well. Choose from the best chef made meals, local produce, and pantry items, and get them all delivered right to your door! GGMG members will receive 15% off all Luke's Local orders by using the code GOLDENMOTHER15 at checkout.

Caviar delivers the best local restaurants straight to your door. Order on the web or download Caviar’s iOS and Android apps, then watch your food come to you via real time GPS. Caviar gives you a quick, reliable delivery service no matter where you are.

Use code GGMG10 for $10 off orders subtotaled $45+

Household Services

Forever Green Living Christmas Tree Farm offers GGMG Members 15% advantageous pricing off of a 3-year and 20% off of a 5-year Fostering Program commitment.

Teach your children the importance of preserving our ecology and about giving back during the Christmas season and start a new and LASTING Christmas tradition with our farm. Foster a living, breathing Christmas tree - DELIVERED FREE to your home! Don't miss the Campout either!

Your member only CODE: GGMG3@15% (use this same code for both the 3-yr and 5-yr commitment options to get the discount)

Healthy Choice Carpet Cleaners


58 West Portal Avenue Suite 129
San Francisco, CA 94127

15% Off on Area rugs cleaned in our Plant. Cannot be combined with other offers. To redeem, inform our staff that you are a GGMG member and entitled to this discount. Discount is not valid for in-home services.

San Francisco-based Mont + Merk is a professional organization and design service that specializes in helping clients make the most out of living and working in small spaces. Mont + Merk works with clients to uncover the potential of their space, and to transform it into an environment that is enjoyable to live in and work in.

About Barb Alvarado
Having lived in small spaces most of her life, Barb’s mission is to help enhance and simplify her client’s lives through thoughtful space organization and (re)design. Barb has worked with numerous families with small children, as well as with expectant parents in San Francisco, to help optimize, enhance and bring order, harmony and beauty to their small spaces.

She is a Professional Organizer with an architecture and cabinetmaking background, always excited to take on new challenges and to work with new people. She currently coexists happily with her husband and two year old daughter in a one-bedroom apartment San Francisco.

Mont + Merk is offering Golden Gate Mother’s Group Members a 20% discount on any service.

Kids' Activities & Classes

Fiddleheads is a warm and playful non-profit program offering children therapeutic support and social and emotional instruction in the enlivening atmosphere of our Bay Area parks.

We foster nourishment, healing and growth by cultivating connections with nature, peers, and supportive counselors. We integrate mindfulness, movement and play into everything we do.

Your children will form healing relationships with nature and make new friends, while absorbing social lessons and connecting more deeply to their senses and feelings.

Group Members:
We welcome children ages 4 to 16 from all communities, and we are inclusive and honoring of neuro-diversity in our groups. Sliding scale pricing, financial assistance, and scholarships are available for those in need.

Program Schedule:
Our 10-week after-school program meets 1 day/week beginning in January, April, and September. Our 2-week summer camps meet 5 days/week beginning in mid-June.

GGMG Member Benefits:
All GGMG members receive 20% off Fiddleheads Tier 1 pricing for the after-school program and summer camps. In order to redeem, simply visit and mention Golden Gate Mother's Group on the Sign-up Form.

15% off registration for A Little Yumminess Cooking Day Camps for Kids. Use code GGMG to get your 15% off our cooking day camps. Check out our website for upcoming day camps, Offer not valid for summer camps.

A Little Yumminess teaches a variety of classes for kids of all ages – from preschoolers to high schoolers – with a focus on exploring world cuisines. At the heart of their kids’ classes is a dedication to helping kids to nurture their own curiosity about food, and empowering kids in the kitchen by helping them learn essential cooking skills.

We are an new indoor playground located in the Richmond District in San Francisco. We normally charge $12 all day play with in and out privileges. For GGMG members, we want to offer them $9/per visit up to 3 visits a month at that rate. For GGMG member to redeem the offer, they would either log in and show they are a member or show up their member magazine or ID.

Zaccho's Center for Dance and Aerial Arts


1777 Yosemite Avenue #330
San Francisco, CA 94124

Take 15% off adult and youth aerial dance, aerial yoga and dance classes at Zaccho's Center for Dance and Aerial Arts in the historic Yosemite Place building in the Bayview. With a variety of levels, everyone is welcome to come try a bit of flight. Summer Camp, weekly classes, School's Out one day camps, and parent - child sampler classes are all available to GGMG members when they register for classes through MindBody ( with the discount code GGMG.

My World Music of San Francisco


4338 California Street
San Francisco CA 94118

MWMSF is a new, updated, research based music and movement program for kids 0-5 years and adults who love them.
All children are musical, and it is the level of immersion or exposure, and the way that they experience music that determines the child's level of musical expression later in life. The ability to ""hold a tune"" or ""dance to the beat"" is with us at birth, and will flourish under the right conditions. We create an informal non pressuring environment, where you and your child can connect and grow together. Recent research has found that while a child benefits from listening to live music regardless of circumstances, the benefit is significantly greater in those children who feel good and have fun while doing it. Increased levels of Serotonin (think learning memory and relaxation), Norepinephrine (attention, perseverance, balanced mood) and Dopamine (alertness and motivation) have been associated with child initiated learning that forms the basis for Constructivism.
Experimentation and innovation is at the heart of all music. In class you will have the opportunity to be silly, imperfect, brave and organic, while learning about what makes up a song, how to encourage tonal and rhythmic development in your child and much more. Be the first to explore this new exciting direction in music education.
GGMG members get an exclusive 20% discount.
Go to

San Francisco Music Together offers quality, fun music classes for newborns, infants, toddlers, kids up 5 years old and the adults who love them. Sing, dance and jam with a variety of instruments. Located in: Haight/Ashbury, Inner/Outer Sunset. Music Together is a research-based early childhood music curriculum. Develop pitch and rhythm in a warm community setting. Sing, dance and jam with a wide variety of instruments. We welcome nannies, grandparents, and any adult in your child's life. Our teachers care deeply about childhood development and music. Schedule a free demo class with us! We offer all GGMG members a 15% discount each semester for one year. Email with proof of membership to to get a coupon code you can use each semester for one year.

Culinary Artistas


900 North Point Street
Suite H-108 B
San Francisco, CA 94109

Culinary Artistas is a creative cooking school for kids created with the mission of providing fun cooking classes for kids that help them develop creative minds and healthy bodies.

For us, cooking is a language that connects us to our cultures, stories, bodies, minds and souls. Cooking is a great tool that can help kids learn a multitude of disciplines, while creating great memories, and empowering them to a healthier lifestyle.

GGMG members are entitled to a 17% discount for all classes, date nights and camps. Offer cannot be combined with other discount programs. Members shall write us to with their class/camp/night of interest and we will send a unique promo code to be used at the registration.

Super Soccer Stars


Since 2000, Super Soccer Stars has offered developmental classes for children ages 1 and up. With our innovative curriculum and low child-to-coach we are able to help your child grow not only as soccer stars, but as young men and women. For all GGMG members we offer 15% off of our Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer season as long as the promotion is used within the first 2 weeks of the season beginning.

Carmel Blue

415-362 2583

1418 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133

GGMG members receive 15% off Carmel Blue Baby Center's unique and highly vetted merchandise. (full priced, in store only). Please use the following code and show valid GGMG membership when making your purchase GGCARMEL15.

Hi-Five Sports Zone


5411 Geary Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94121

HI-Five Sports Zone offers sports classes, parties, leagues, after school clubs and more all in our state of the art sports facility designed just for children! As a benefit to Golden Gate Mothers Groups members we are offering a 20% discount on any classes, leagues, after school clubs and PARTIES! For online program registration members can use the code "GGMG" at checkout. For party discount, members must mention the GGMG discount at booking AND show an active membership card or most recent issue of the GGMG newsletter the day of the party.

We offer kids & family yoga as well as babysitting services so that you can drop of your little one(s) and take a class. GGMG members receive their first class free and 20% off your first yoga or pilates package. Just mention GGMG when you sign up.


Stellashare is not an application or social network.
It is a new and extremely simple to use photo and video sharing service that easily integrates with the flow of your daily life. Share photos & videos with the people who treasure it most. Stellashare is offering GGMG members 25% off a yearly rate of $3.99 per month. Simply use PROMO CODE: STELLAGGMG

Marissa HB Photography


---25% off for GGMG members!!---Marissa is a portrait and lifestyle photographer. She has a great amount of experience working with kids, as she is a former nanny, counselor to families exposed to domestic violence, and most recently studied Marriage and Family Therapy in graduate school at USF. She is also mommy to a baby girl! Marissa has been interested in photography since she was a young girl due to her mothers influence and loves capturing timeless and organic photos for families.

Constance Chu Photography is based in the SF Bay Area and specializes in beautiful and affordable child and family portrait photography. Not only do you get to choose your favourite location to shoot at, all packages include a set of retouched photos in the form of digital files for you to print at your leisure! GGMG Members can mention the promo code "mykidsrock20" to receive 20% off of any photo package.

Eversnap Photography


Eversnap Photography guarantees high quality photography at half of the market price. Eversnap has done over 1,500 events and family shoots and is consistently a 5-star-rated company on Yelp. All GGMG members can book photography at $90/hour (25% off regular price) using the code, GGMG. Please check availability and book at

I am a family, portrait, newborn photographer all the way from Ireland and I would love to offer GGMG members a 20% discount off their first shoot with me- Code GGMGKHP should be used in the email enquiry to me. I have been shooting Golden Gate families for a number of years and have formed the most wonderful connections with the little ones and each of their parents.


Petventures is a custom children's book starring your pet. Families can customize their pet from our list of breeds, choose a name and send him or her off on a delightful adventure! Millions have already purchased customizable children's books - Petventures expands this successful genre into a new market and is an exciting product that would be enjoyable for GGMG families. GGMG members will receive 15% off with the discount code GGMG. Free shipping included.

Pictli is the easiest way to send a high-quality, framed photo gift. All Pictlis are hand-assembled at our warehouse in San Francisco, CA and come gift wrapped with an optional gift note, making them the perfect gift.

Golden Gate Mother’s Group Members enjoy 20% by clicking this link online:, or using this code with our iPhone app: GGMG20.

Prettify Box is a paid subscription box of curated hair accessories for kids and adults. Shipping is every other month. Enter coupon code GGMG15 at our website check out for 15% off your subscription each month for 12 months.

Plae Shoes

800 931-7523

PLAE shoes are made from eco-friendly, breathable, and washable materials that are engineered to be durable, flexible, and customizable to allow for the natural development of children’s feet. Use code GGTY25 for 25% off at checkout.

Cable Car Cakes and Chocolates


39 Taylor Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

At Cable Car Cakes and Chocolates we use classic baking and pastry techniques, as well as the newest cutting-edge methods to create a special look that reflects our customers and their celebrations. We are committed to the enrichment of our local community, the artists, business people, educators, and families of San Francisco.

We would like to offer a 25% discount on birthday cakes for all GGMG members.

Nest Maternity


1839 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

For the hip, stylish, sophisticated mom-to-be. And we can offer 20% Off in store only purchase. Members just need to mention or show proof of GGMG membership.

We are a monthly and quarterly subscription service that delivers a box full of fantastic activities and toys focused on play based learning for infants, toddlers and pre-school age children. Every toy box is 100% eco-friendly and we tailor the toys and activities to each kids age and play interests. We always source our toys and activities from trusted manufacturers and guarantee the contents of each box to be toxin free and produced with equitable labor practices. Every delivery includes play based activities to use with the toys and books. We would like to offer the following:
$10 off first box code is: GOLDEN10
$25 off a 6 month subscription code is GOLDEN25
$50 a one year subscription code is GOLDEN50
Also we would like to donate 3 percent of sales to GGMG to support your work!

Nurture your baby's development with Hoppi Box! Sign up to receive quarterly boxes of expert-curated developmental toys that are tailored to your baby's age and milestones. Use code GGMG to receive 15% off of your first box.

The Candy Store


1507 Vallejo Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Opened in 2007, we're San Francisco's premiere candy boutique, specializing in hard to find confections from all over the world. We can provide candy for events of 2-2000 guests and can work with any budget, theme or color scheme. All GGMG members receive 15% off any purchase made in store only. Mention you are a member to claim discount. No exclusions.