BADM Family Class Giveaway

Yesterday the New York Times asked what parents could do to “robot-proof” our children’s future professional paths. That concern might sound alarmist to some, but even parents who don’t live in fear of the singularity have probably paused to consider what our increasingly automated world might look like when our babies enter the workforce.

What skills will kids need to succeed in the future? Should we make sure our preschoolers are computer programmers? A.I. experts? The answer seems to be a resounding NO.

As our world becomes increasingly complex, knowledge and skills that can’t be replicated by a machine—like creative problem solving, empathy, critical thinking, and interpersonal communication—may be the keys to our children’s success.

Badm Get Messy

Bay Area Discovery Museum

Luckily, we have the Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM) in our backyard. Their mission is to “transform research into early learning experiences that inspire creative problem solving.” 

Maybe your child will design, build, and test a chairlift in the Fab Lab, count how many fish they catch off the giant ship in Bay Hall, or uncover artifacts in Lookout Cove, the 2.5 acre interactive outdoor exploration area. Every visit to BADM is an opportunity to expose your 6-month to 10-year-old children to research-based educational activities that build their creative problem solving skills. 

Visit BADM without paying admission on the first Wednesday of every month. The next free first Wednesdays are January 3 and February 7.


BADM is generously giving away a three-week family class to one lucky reader of GGMG's City Blocks Blog. The winner can enroll with a toddler (ages 2-4) in one three-week session of their choosing between January and March 2018. The winner will also have the opportunity to share their impressions of the experience on the blog.

Enter here before January 3, 2018 and spread the word—the more you share, the more entries you receive!

Family Class at Bay Area Discovery Museum Giveaway


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