Moms in the City: 5 Things To Know About the New CPMC

Moms in the City: 5 Things To Know About the New CPMC

The new California Pacific Medical Center officially opened its doors on March 2nd, and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at everything this sparkling facility has to offer. I had both my babies at the old CPMC, so I was really curious what kind of experience I would have had in this new building. It almost made me want to have another... I will have to think about that a little more, but for now, I can't wait to photograph brand new babies being born here! Here are five things to know about the new CPMC:

1. It's More Family and Maternity Friendly Than Ever

Do you want to bring in a diffuser with lavender oil during your delivery? It's allowed! Anything you want to bring that will help you feel relaxed or have a better delivery experience is welcome as long as it's not flammable.

Every room also has a bigger-than-ever pull-out bed for the partner or family member staying with mom. There's also an expansive outdoor lounge space so family and friends visiting can be outdoors while they wait to meet the new baby. 

Hospital staff are also very receptive to any post-birth plans you may have, like cord blood banking or keeping and preserving the placenta. Just let them know what you need.

2. Rooms Have Been Upgraded for Delivery and Postpartum

No more dungeon-like rooms during your labor and postpartum! The rooms have a light and airy feel, with clean white walls, big windows, and gorgeous views of the city outside. City Hall is visible from one side of the building, while the other side boasts views of downtown, including the majestic Salesforce Tower. Even more fun: the TV in each room is interactive. Place your meal orders right from the screen, and catch up on new baby/parents educational videos.
3. The New Building is Green

The new CPMC is certified GREEN. The building is light and airy throughout, with tall ceilings and full window walls. There are outside courtyards and gardens you can access while you are there without having to step outside onto the streets. The building offers top-notch security features, and even an electronic announcement board, where you can choose to have a picture of your brand new baby and a little birth story displayed around the family waiting and lounge area.

4. The Best Staff in the Business is Still Around

The building is chock full of brand-new equipment, but the employees remain the same. So, you get the benefit of a state-of-the-art new facility plus all the familiar faces -- especially welcomed if this isn't your first baby.

5. The New NICU Offers Single Rooms 

The rooms at the NICU are now separated for each baby and his/her family. There are also special "twin rooms," so twins don't have to be separated. Each room is spacious enough for two parents to be with their baby. It's also very close to the outdoor courtyard space, so it's easy to step outside and get some fresh air.


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