Out & About Li’l Kid: Haight

It's the start of a beautiful weekend to explore San Francisco! If you and your little one(s) are looking for some local inspiration this weekend and beyond, Veronica Reilly-Granich has you covered with hot spots in the Haight.

The Haight is a vibrant, walkable neighborhood that keeps the 1960s alive with eclectic eats and quirky shops. Got the munchies? Stop by Street Taco (1607 Haight St.) for flavorful Mexico City-style tacos. If Caribbean and Cuban tapas is more your groove, hit Cha Cha Cha (1801 Haight St.). Or hang loose on the patio of Sparrow Bar and Kitchen (1640 Haight St.) where you can get breakfast for lunch. On Thursday evenings, check out Off the Grid (corner of Stanyan St. and Waller St.) where many of the city’s favorite food trucks gather.

Introduce your flower child to the world of vintage pinball games at Free Gold Watch (1767 Waller St.) with over 30 machines. Feeling creative? Head into Mendel’s (1556 Haight St.) to score some dragon scale vinyl and inspiration. If your little ankle biter still has energy to burn, jam up to Buena Vista Park Playground (Buena Vista Ave. & Waller St.).

Before you leave, pop by Ben and Jerry’s (1480 Haight St.) at the storied intersection of Haight and Ashbury, then stroll around the corner to the Grateful Dead House (710 Ashbury St.) where the legendary band crashed for a few far out years. You’re definitely in for a groovy time.

Veronica is mama to two young girls and works full time for San Francisco Unified School District. She digs novels, tea and Zen Buddhism.

This article originally appeared in the Apr/May 2018 issue of GGMG Magazine. Image via Flickr.


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