Out & About Lil' Kid: Russian Hill

Happy Mother's Day weekend, everyone! Whether you're looking to spend some quality time this Sunday with or without the kiddos, a few hours enjoying the stunning views and charming, largely tourist-free shops and restaurants in Russian Hill are bound to delight.  Stephanie AuWerter shares the neighborhood's best options for getting out & about.

If driving, start by zig-zagging down the eight hairpin turns of Crooked Street” (1000–1099 Lombard St.), then park and explore hidden gem Fay Park (2366 Leavenworth St.).

Caffeinate and grab a croissant at hip Saint Frank Coffee (2340 Polk St.). Swing by Bird School of Music (1924 Polk St.), which offers $20 drop-in music classes for kids. Then head to Helen Wills Park (Broadway & Larkin).

Browse the nearby stores: At Cole Hardware (2254 Polk St.) partake of the free helium balloons and 25-cent bags of fresh popcorn, then peruse the robust selection of children’s literature at the Russian Hill Bookstore (2234 Polk St.). Next, take your candy connoisseur to the vintage-style sweets shop, The Candy Store (1507 Vallejo St.).

Later, grab a slice at quirky Za Pizza (1919 Hyde St.) with a visit to nearby Swensen’s Ice Cream (1999 Hyde St.). Alternatively Gioia Pizzeria (2254 Polk St.) or Blue Barn (2273 Polk St.) have kid-friendly fare and are tantalizingly close to Loving Cup (2356 Polk St.), to agonize between the frozen yogurt and rice pudding.   

Stephanie is a freelance writer and editor. She’s written for Parents Magazine, Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal, DailyWorth and more.  

This article originally appeared in the June/July 2017 issue of GGMG Magazine. Photo via Flickr.


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