Out & About Lil' Kid: Sonoma

Happy Monday, readers! After a brief hiatus (sick toddlers wait for no blog!), we are back with Stephanie AuWerter's perfect antidote to the freezing winds sweeping through our fair city: a a kid-friendly day trip just 40 miles north to the sunny and charming town of Sonoma.

Climb aboard at TrainTown  (20264 Broadway), a quirky little theme park with a 20-minute train ride guaranteed to thrill the toddler set. Feed the goats and llamas and enjoy an old-fashioned carousel, toy airplane ride, and more. Plan to arrive early if you visit on a weekend, as the parking lot fills up fast in the summer.  

Next, head to scenic Sonoma Plaza (453 1st St. East), which boasts two playgrounds, affable ducks, and picnic-friendly lawns. Mary’s Pizza Shack (8 West Spain St.), The Red Grape (529 1st St. West), and Sonoma Cheese Factory (2 West Spain St.) have kid-friendly food to eat in or take out. A more refined option is Sunflower Caffé (421 1st St. West). Don’t miss Sweet Scoops (408 1st St. East) for homemade ice cream.

Poke around the kid-friendly shops. Wee fashionistas will enjoy perusing the clothes at Half-Pint (450 1st St. East), and kids of all ages will love the retro candies and trinkets at nearby Tiddle E. Winks (115 East Napa St.). Load up on summer reads at Readers’ Books (130 East Napa St.).

On the way home, stop by farmstand Watmaugh Strawberries (1120 Watmaugh Rd.). Bring a pint or two home to remind you of warm summer days.

Stephanie, a Sonoma super-fan, highly recommends the air-scooter ride at TrainTown and the Butter Brickle ice cream at Sweet Scoops. The original version of this article appeared in the June/July issue of GGMG Magazine.


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