Out & About: There's no Place Like the Bay Area for the Holidays

Out & About: There's no Place Like the Bay Area for the Holidays

The holiday season is officially in full swing! If you want to make this a December to Remember, have we got the resource for you: local father of three children three and under, San Francisco native, and World's Biggest Fan of holiday cheer, Trevor McNeil, is the mastermind behind this incredible compilation of family-friendly holiday events across the Bay Area: Holidays in SF is your one-stop shop for activities and sights to take in all season long.

The City Blocks Blog had a few questions for Trevor, a 3rd generation public school teacher, who currently teaches 7th grade History and English at La Entrada Middle School. He recently campaigned for Supervisor, and though he didn't win, he remains committed to public service and activism as he has been all of his life. Holidays in SF, a free resource chock-full of free and low-cost ideas, just one of many ways he's giving back to the community.

CBB: What's the best thing about having 3 kids 3 and under?

Trevor: The best thing about having three kids under three is that they usually need/like similar things. Our older daughter still will look over my shoulder as I read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and she's into it. I think it's like my 7th graders who secretly yearn for "Captain Underpants" while I'm pushing Shakespeare on them: we all like comfort. I'm really into movies and am so happy that when they're older they'll be usually ready for the same cinematic leaps.

CBB: What's most challenging about having 3 kids 3 and under?

Trevor: The most challenging thing about three kids under three is that there are three of them and two of us. We can't hold/control all at the same time and that's hard in a restaurant, on a plane, and when changing diapers etc. 

CBB: Which holiday activity are you most excited to experience with your children this season?

Trevor: It's hard for me to pick a favorite holiday activity. Last year my daughter loved the free 20-minute Nutcracker at the public library soooo much. This year I think the boys are old enough to like lights – I think the Tom and Jerry House or the SF Zoo lights, or the Fisherman's Wharf parade of boats could be good for 23 month-old twins. And yes, we do sacrifice their usual bed-time on the altar of the holidays-look-so-special-at-night-past-their-bedtimes. 

CBB: What has your favorite family destination been so far?

Trevor: Our favorite family destination this year so far has been Pinnacles NP and the wine country around it. I had a conference in LA and we stopped by on the way (by the way, LA is pretty great with little kids once you figure out parking). 

CBB: As a San Francisco native, what's one place you love to bring out of town visitors?

Trevor: I am a little obsessed with showing friends around the city. There is lots I like to show them (after a the main touristy stuff) but for me hidden Golden Gate Park –
the little lakes, the small groves, the horseshoe pits, the quiet dells, the murals at Beach Chalet – is always my favorite. The reasons I love the city are it's relationship with nature, activism, and diversity: you can get a lot of that through history, but it's a story that still happens and I love introducing people to that.

We hope you enjoy Holidays in SF as much as we do. Please share your holiday hits (or misses, to save others!) in the comments section. Happy holidays to all!


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