Out & About: Water Babies

Summer may be coming to an end all too soon, but that's no reason to give up on the pool! Whether you've been swimming this season and want to keep up the momentum, or are looking for a new activity come fall, Juli Fraga has the scoop on a few of the top spots for lessons in the city. 

YMCA of San Francisco, multiple locations: The YMCA offers group, semi-private, and private swimming lessons. You can begin group lessons when your little one is just 6 months old. Their Shrimp class orients babies and their caregivers to the wonders of the water, emphasizing trust and safety between you and your baby. Semi-private and private lessons are available upon request, and all sessions are 30 minutes in length. You must be a member of the YMCA to sign up. 

UCSF Mission Bay, 1675 Owens St: A youth aquatics program with group, private, and semi-private lessons are all offered here. Private lessons cost between $35 and $45 per lesson for 30 minutes and semi-private lessons cost between $50 and $70. They also offer packages, which reduces the individual cost per lesson. If you have younger children and want your older child to have a semi-private lesson, here’s a trick: schedule the lesson during open swim time and take your child and her friend. They can have their lesson with the instructor while you hang or swim with your younger child. For more information, email: aquatics@ucsf.edu

JCCSF, 3200 California St: The JCCSF is a four-time winner of “Best on the Peninsula” Aquatic Concepts Swim School Program. Similar to the other swim schools, lessons begin at 6 months, and they offer a range of group classes. Financial aid is available.  

SF Aquatics, multiple locations: The public swimming pools in San Francisco offer lessons for toddlers and beyond. There is a daily entrance fee and lessons incur an extra cost.

Juli Fraga is a psychologist, mother and writer living in San Francisco with her husband, daughter and their two cats, Mango & Squirrel.

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2015 issue of GGMG Magazine.


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