Some Things in San Francisco are Free

This might be the best weekend of the year. Gorgeous weather is in full effect, the number of potential activities seems boundless, and we're reveling in the sweet spot between back-to-school and holiday craziness. Must be October in San Francisco. 

My family is looking forward to celebrating pre-Halloween with some of our favorite animal friends and exploring San Francisco's largest (only?) hay maze. The Halloween spirit also has us considering an Alcatraz tour. I haven't visited since a sixth grade field trip, but the combination of a boat ride and historical prison could make it a unicorn activity: one that makes all three kids happy. I'll report back if we follow through and it's amazing.

Here are some things that caught my eye this week in San Francisco and beyond.

Free San Francisco (not everything in this city is expensive)

Want to prove to your children that you're magical using only the power of your phone? I used this all summer and just remembered how delightful it is.

The SFUSD lottery application is upon us. Parents for Public Schools has answers to your questions

These are seasonal. Go see them! After that, your kids can make crafts. There's half your day. 

Struggling reader? Get your name on the waitlist for free Orton-Gillingham tutoring.

Sleep under the stars before the weather turns. Take note of the father below when packing. 

Also, Of Note

If you're looking to spend the day outside with gorgeous ocean views, farm animals, and Halloween activities, you're in luck. There are still tickets available.

This approach. Because expelling preschoolers is insane.  

A dad goes camping with his 1 and 3-year-olds and without sleeping bags, a stove, or multiple changes of clothes. He observes, "The kids are not helpful."

How to survive modern parenting. Wait, there’s a guide for that.

My kids have named ours. I think we'll be going this route instead of the compost.

Season 2 of Stranger Things is live on Netflix. If you haven't watched yet, this article about Season 1 perfectly captures why you'll probably love it even if creepy isn't typically your genre.

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