Jennifer Butterfoss

Jennifer Kuhr Butterfoss is the mom of two children and has been a school administrator with the San Francisco Unified School District for over eight years.  She also does some education-related consulting and journalist work on the side.  She is the author of the upcoming book Entering the Lions Den: A School Leader's Guide to Building Trust, Inspiring Others and Not Getting Eaten in Year One.  You can find out more on her website  

Jennifer Butterfoss

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Out & About: Giving Back and Gaining Empathy

Out & About: Giving Back and Gaining Empathy

February 08, 2019 / Out & About

The driving rain and wintry temps here in the Bay Area are reminding us here at City Blocks to be grateful for our warm homes, cozy clothing, and hot meals. What better way to connect our children with this gratitude than to give back to those less fortunate? GGMG Magazine... read more

4 Gifts Teachers Really Want (for the Holidays and Beyond)

4 Gifts Teachers Really Want (for the Holidays and Beyond)

December 18, 2017 / Education

With just a few days before the winter holidays commence, it is likely you have already purchased some kind of token of appreciation for your child’s teacher. Whether it’s mug full of candy, a gift card, a candle, or a lovely donation to your school’s holiday gift fund,... read more