Out & About: Giving Back and Gaining Empathy

Out & About: Giving Back and Gaining Empathy

The driving rain and wintry temps here in the Bay Area are reminding us here at City Blocks to be grateful for our warm homes, cozy clothing, and hot meals. What better way to connect our children with this gratitude than to give back to those less fortunate? GGMG Magazine writer Jennifer Kuhr Butterfoss has compiled just a few of the many local opportunities to get kids involved in helping others. Please add your favorites in the comments!

SF-Marin Food Bank
Sort food at its warehouse. Minimum age is 4 to 11 years old, depending on the project.

GLIDE Memorial Church
Serve food, bus tables, and hand out utensils and condiments.

Project Open Hand
Provide meals to seniors and people living with serious illnesses.

Meals on Wheels
Make and distribute handmade Valentine's Day cards for homebound seniors.

Project Night Night
Host a Night Night Package Party to create comfort bags for children living in shelters. www.projectnightnight.org

San Francisco SPCA
Care for and interact with dogs, cats, chinchillas, and reptiles. Open to children in grades 1 to 5.

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
Help our parks! Children under 7 years old must have an adult present. www.parksconservancy.org

The original version of this article appeared in the December/January 2018-19 issue of GGMG Magazine. 


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