Julie Houghton

Julie Houghton is a mom to two girls (ages 4 and 5) and a life & career coach who specializes in helping other moms find the courage to find and do work they love. Prior to becoming a coach, she spent 15 years in the corporate world working in marketing and strategy and she has her MBA from UC Berkeley. Learn more about Julie and download her free guide, 5 Simple Things You Can Do Today to Find Work that Feeds Your Soul at www.juliehoughton.com.  

Julie Houghton

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What to Do When You Feel Like a Failure

What to Do When You Feel Like a Failure

November 28, 2017 / Work Life

“We’re putting you on a performance plan.” When I heard those words my face flushed and I instantly felt sick to my stomach. It was all I could do to sit there and listen to my manager detail out the ways in which I had failed to meet expectations. I had... read more

How Motherhood Can Give You the Courage to Find Work You Love

How Motherhood Can Give You the Courage to Find Work You Love

November 08, 2017 / Work Life

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I remember even as a young child cringing when adults asked me that dreaded question. And for most of my life, including the 15 years I spent working in the corporate world, I continued to struggle with figuring out what I want... read more