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Phone Numbers to Have Handy for General Emergencies

Your local police department

look up here:

San Francisco Emergency Dispatch

(415) 553-8090 (better than 911 from a cell phone, especially if near a highway)

Poison Control

(800) 222-1222

General Emergency

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General information for being prepared in San Francisco. Although, 72 hours is good (any preparation is good), since Hurricane Katrina, many are now recommending being prepared for 5-7 days if possible.

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General preparedness advice:

Specifically for earthquakes:

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Alert SF

On Alert SF you can sign up to get warnings and info about disruptive events occurring in SF.

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Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT)

Take free emergency preparedness training (earthquake focus) and connect with other NERTs to help respond in a city-wide disaster scenario

Earthquake Preparedness

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Red Cross

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Matt Springer's blog

Matt Springer posts general tips about earthquake preparedness and also presents talks about earthquake preparedness around the city

Totally Unprepared

A site designed to make preparing for an earthquake easy and fun


An annual California-wide earthquake drill, with information on how and what to practice:

CPR and First Aid


GGMG runs classes regularly for members at a discounted rate and with child care provided. Check the events listings for information. For infant classes, see New Mothers resources.

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Anna Griffin

Private classes in English or Spanish

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Ready SF

Also provide earthquake preparedness classes

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Sports Basement

Sports Basement regularly provide free CPR classes - check their calendar